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Definition of problems/targets
Observation and analysis
Isolating the real causes
Defining corrective actions


Check of the results of what has been done
Comparison with targets


Application check


Systematising, standardisation, consolidation
Preparation of the subsequent stages of the plan
Implementation of corrective actions, if necessary

Company Policy

The Policy of VBT is to look ahead to constant technological development, either by being present at exhibitions, as well as with continual attention to changes and customer requirements. This is the reason why VBT constantly invests in latest production machines, that allow to work employing technologies and processing cycles needed for the new materials that today, more than ever, are used to manufacture increasingly reliable products with higher quality standards.

To improve environmental quality in the working areas, at the end of 2019 VBT s.r.l. has installed a centralized Filtration System MITEC in order to extract and remove oily mists.